The weather might still be chilly down in Taiwan right now, but the heat among their McDonald’s outlets is blazing through the roof! Last year, we found outlets with their cashier girls dressed as maids, schoolgirls and flight attendants, but on New Year’s Day this year, an McDonald’s outlet at Kaohsiung joined the cosplay rally with cashiers dressed in pastel pink nurse uniforms and thigh-high stockings!

The schoolgirl uniforms of 2013 were a bit hit, especially with their cheeky black knee-high socks, but the Kaohsiung girls up the ante here with mini-length nurse uniforms and thigh-high lacy stockings! A diamante embellished nurse cap completes the look.

Some say you can never have the best of both worlds, but from where we’re sitting, these young ladies have found the golden formula to being both cute and sexy at the same time!

▼ Hello! Welcome to McDonald’s!



▼ When asked why they decided on nurse uniforms, this girl was suddenly too shy to answer



▼ Have a nice meal!

Kaohsiung citizens were thrilled with the fresh change; some were even so overwhelmed they couldn’t give their orders right. Many customers were also seen taking photos of the chirpy cashiers while they were in line. Business was so bustling, in fact, that the girls could hardly even spare a few seconds for a short interview. It seems many hopeful men took the chance while it was their turn at the counter to ask if the girls had boyfriends, but the girls skillfully dodged the private questions with smiles and polite greetings to “enjoy your meal”.

Who would have thought that competition between franchised outlets would lead to a fashion showdown! Now you’ve seen them in maid, flight attendant, schoolgirl and nurse outfits, what would you like to see them in next?

Source: ETToday
Images: YouTube