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Meet Leo-chan, an American shorthair cat living in Japan who is a master at being both annoying and adorable at the same time. Check out this video of her adorable poses as she begs for food.  

The video starts off at ‘Level 1’ with an innocent paw beckoning motion similar to a manekineko figure in Asian restaurants. But Leo-chan’s pestering techniques steadily advance in level as she pulls out more tricks, like balancing on her hind legs, standing on a chair, and sleeve-swatting.

When those tactics don’t work, she switches to pawing and nudging her owner’s shoulder with her head.

Here are a few screenshots of her cuter moments:

“How can you resist this? Will you pay attention to me if I’m taller?” 


“C’mon, just give me food already!”


▼The old tugging-the-sleeve trick


What other techniques do your cats try to get your attention? Let us know if you have a particularly crafty cat of your own.

Source: ねとらぼ