At the end of last year, Nikkei Trendy published their list of trends to look for in 2014. Among their entries was one particular fashion that’s been steadily gaining momentum in Japan among young women and drawing the attention of the media. It’s called Top Gun Girl (toppugan joshi) and as the name suggests, it’s a highway to the danger zone of being both a little kawaii and a little militaristic.

Top Gun Girl isn’t entirely new but is still in its infancy in terms of becoming a mainstream fashion trend. At the moment there are three stand-out components of the style.

MA-1 Jackets
Originally designed for military use in the 1950s, these bomber jackets have found a place in civilian men’s fashion around the world. Whether it was through servicemen or the counter-culture punks of the 70s and 80s these jackets symbolized rugged manliness on both sides of the political fence.

Since then I’ve clung to the comfort and utility of these jackets just hoping for a comeback to put me back in style. I just wasn’t expecting this kind of comeback. Searching for MA-1 online has steadily been turning up more and more women’s clothing retailers such as these sequined numbers.

Images: Mixt

Of course standard MA-1 bomber jackets without the frills are becoming poplar women’s clothing as well.

Image: Rakuten – Kilostore

Image: Boy

Camouflage patterns have been pretty common in both men’s and women’s fashions for many years now. However, we may soon see a large upswing in women wearing disruptive patterns in 2014 Japan.

Image: Luz Llena

Image: Who’s Who Chico

Image: Rakuten – Gal Girls

Image: Rakuten – osharewalker

Perhaps the most stand-out component of Top Gun Girl is the harness which replaces the more traditional belt and suspenders. Although the harnesses marketed to women aren’t really like those worn by fighter pilots, the inspiration can still be said to come from them.

Image: Scrapture

Image: lilLilly

Image: Shibuya 109 – Glavil

By now you’ll probably have gathered that the name Top Gun Girl was more of an after-thought with regards to the movie, especially since Tom Cruise and his Navy pilot friends wore G-1 leather jackets rather than the MA-1 coats that are trending now.

Nevertheless, this fashion is troubling for us males. Women emulating a movie so macho that it boarders on homo-eroticism leaves guys with little room for expressing their own manliness. At least we still have handlebar mustaches and bandoliers… for now.

Source: Fashionsnap, Modelpress, Naver Matome (Japanese)
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