Necessity is the mother of invention, and for university students there is no greater necessity than staying awake for late night cramming when exams come about. Some students do whatever it takes to stay up and get that last bit of info committed to memory before the big day, even to the detriment of their own health. However, one girl known by her surname of Huang has found a cheap and effective way to keep her head up and has gone viral in China’s social media for it.

Her invention, titled “Test Studying Sleep Preventative” is a revolutionary… It’s just a clothespin hanger really. But such an item is easily found in homes and dorms all over China allowing for instant implementation once you figure out what to hang it from.

Although Huang seems to show a knack for engineering, she’s actually a second year student at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. Still, by simply putting clumps of her hair into the various clothes pins and letting the hanger keep her head up and alert she can learn all about aquifers without the risk of dozing off.

A photo of the “Test Studying Sleep Preventative” spread like a sleep preventative wildfire across the net in China with many celebrating her discovery saying, “I’m totally going to try this right now!” Of course with such popularity there’s bound to be some naysayers who felt Huang had studied herself right out of her mind.

This reporter tried the “Test Studying Sleep Preventative” with my clothespin hanger and a goal to memorize the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow soliloquy from Macbeth. However, my hair was too short to fit in the pins. Guess it’s back to good old methamphetamine for my book-learnin.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News via Toychan (Japanese)