All over the world, Hide and Seek is a staple of childhood play teaching kids the valuable skills needed for a job in either the bounty hunting or escaped convict fields. Also, being one of the earliest games children can play, it begins to show them that not everyone possess the same inherent skill-set. Knowing this, it’s not so bad to say that some kids just plain suck at hiding.

The following twenty images show such concealmentally-challenged children in action. Don’t worry about feeling bad laughing at these kids either, as it’s possible to lead a rich life without the ability to hide in a house. In fact, we can statistically assume that at least 20 percent of world leaders were hopelessly stuck being “it” as children.

All of these children seem to follow the line of thought which states “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me.” The saving grace of such a strategy is that they can’t be identified and are protected from future embarrassment. Still, there’s something undeniably sweet about their complete lack of spatial awareness and enthusiasm that can’t help but warm the cockles of your heart. Enjoy.

Source: Acid Cow (English)
Original Article by Muneyake Sunday
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