Time flies by so quickly! In a blink of an eye, about half of January has already gone by. This post might have come slightly late, but if you have yet to get yourself a calendar for the year, here’s an extraordinary one for your consideration!

Known as the world’s most flexible woman, Russian-born contortionist Zlata struts her incredible skills in this 2014 calendar!

The slender blonde beauty, who is a former gymnast, noticed her extraordinary flexibility and started exploring with her special talent since she was four. Now at 27 years of age, the body-bending expert can still easily fold herself into a 50cm squared box even though she stands at 176cm (5’8) tall. Julia Guenthel, more commonly known by her stage name Zlata, also has a couple of world records under her belt for stunts achieved with her amazing flexibility.

Currently based in Germany, the model and contortion artist twists and bends herself into some breath-halting poses while managing to look gorgeous, cute and absolutely cool in her new calendar!












▼ Zlata is also known as the Snake Woman due to her incredible flexibility.

In various interviews, Zlata mentions that contorting herself into such poses comes very naturally to her and it does not hurt, though it can sometimes get uncomfortable if she has to maintain a certain position for extended periods of time. Somewhat like how our bodies stiffen up after reading RocketNews24 on our computer for too long. However, to maintain her flexibility, she has to train very hard to keep her muscles in tiptop condition.

▼ Watch Zlata in action!

Seeing her twist and bend with such grace and ease is making us feel guilty for gluing our butts to our seats all day long. Perhaps it’s about time we moved our bodies a little! There’s no way we can achieve what Zlata can do, for very obvious reasons, but we’ll try to at least touch our toes!

Zlata’s fabulous 2014 calendar can be purchased here!

Source: ETToday
Reference/Images: Daily Record