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Earlier today we showed you an image of the craziest finger-length nails covered in pink charms. We just recently discovered that this was merely the tip of the iceberg…a terrifying pink wig-wearing, bug-eyed iceberg. If you thought these completely impractical nails were bad, we’re sorry to report that it gets worse…much worse. Read on, if you dare, to find out more about this young woman’s outfit and take a look at some of her just-as-terrifying friends.

Coming of Age Day is a joyous occasion in Japan, which is held on the second Monday in January to celebrate all young adults who have turned 20 during the previous year. Most 20-year-old girls choose to wear a traditional kimono, get their nails painted, and have their hair done up, usually with some curls and a few accessories such as flowers or jewels. But one young adult who goes by the name “Harutamu” on Twitter, celebrated her milestone with some of the most extreme fashion we’ve ever seen. Don’t take our word for it, have a look yourself:

Crazy hair makeup coming of age3

Crazy hair makeup coming of age5

▼ We’re surprised her hair fit through the door.Crazy hair makeup coming of age6

▼ Harutamu and one of her friends in more traditional Coming of Age garb.Crazy hair makeup coming of age7

▼ Let’s play “Where’s Harutamu?”Crazy hair makeup coming of age2

▼ Now let’s play “Where’s Harutamu at the after-after-after party?”Crazy hair makeup coming of age

Don’t worry, Harutamu’s extreme fashion has company. Introducing the Coming of Age dress of Twitter user, “Richu,” who just happens to be Harutamu’s friend:

Coming of age crazy fashion

Crazy hair makeup coming of age14

crazy nails for coming of age ceremony

Crazy hair makeup coming of age10

Crazy hair makeup coming of age8

Crazy hair makeup coming of age13

If you’re shocked by these ladies’ choice of clothing and accessories, take a look at how they look on the weekend:


Harutama and Richu are both part of a gyaru group called Black Diamond. Gyaru are fashion-conscious young women who like to dress in extreme makeup, but we probably didn’t have to tell you that. Upon turning 20 years of age, these girls are now technically adults in the eyes of the Japanese government, but we’re not so sure this is the kind of adult they had in mind. Especially with Twitpic captions such as, “Check out my long-sleeved kimono for the coming-of-age ceremony ♡ mini prostitute ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡ʕ•̫͡•” (but we have to give her props for adding bear emoticons). As expected, most Twitter users who retweeted Harutama and Richu’s pictures were also unsure if the pair could be considered adults and one user wondered, “What happened to the Japan of old?” But no matter your opinion, we suppose there’s nothing left to say but, “Congratulations!” and hope for the best as these young ladies continue their journey into adulthood.

Crazy hair makeup coming of age11

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter (harutamusama), Twitter (richusama)