How many of you have ever seriously wondered if One Piece’s heroine, Nami, has fake boobs? Well, not just Nami, we can easily name a long list of manga or anime characters with overwhelming assets. These characters can get away with heavy bosoms larger than their heads because they’re fictional after all, but if they existed in real life like famous celebrities, there is bound to be speculation over whether they’ve gotten implants.

Sorry to dash your dreams, guys, but it seems that Nami has silicone implants! We’ve got the photos to prove it!

One of the most popular character merchandise of busty girls such as Nami is the eye-catching, wrist-resting oppai mousepad (boob mousepad). The charm point of an oppai mousepad is, of course, the divinely sculpted wrist rest that not only alleviates sore wrists from long hours of online gaming or internet surfing, it also rejuvenates the mind and mood of its user with its suggestive shape and feel.




Some people purchase these mousepads purely for collection, while others prefer to put theirs to good use. A loyal user of the Nami oppai mousepad noticed something sticky at the base of the character’s voluptuous chest after having used it for two to three years. Little did he expect the sticky substance to lead to the revelation of the truth behind Nami’s bust size!

▼ Upon closer inspection, he found that the filling of the wrist rest had burst out of its fabric confines due to wear and tear.

▼ The horror! Nami had silicone implants this whole time!


When the photos of Nami’s “secret” were revealed online, Japanese netizens responded with mixed reactions, some of them turned off by the state of things, while others played along with the “fake boob” story:

“What did you put it through for it to end up like that?!”
“What the… her boobs were fake?”
“It’s as gross as I had expected it to be.”
“The silicone is spilling out, she needs an operation quick.”
“Is it warabimochi?”
“Two to three years is quite a long time. Mine only lasts 3 months tops before the gel starts coming out.”
“Oh, she had a wardrobe malfunction.”

▼ The One Piece fan has since replaced his Nami mousepad with a Boa Hancock one.

Unfortunately, whether Nami’s breasts in the actual manga are real still remains an unsolved mystery. But real deal or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Nami is one kick ass hot babe!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Hatena Diary, Social Omoshiro Matome Sokuhou, Matome no Matome, Kacho no Nichijo