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Sometimes, I feel sorry for kids in today’s safety zealous world. More and more, it seems like the things I grew up with are being banned, whether it’s the thrilling bloodsport of dodgeball or the razor’s edge of a cafeteria in which some people are allowed to eat peanut butter.

Now comes the latest step in the inevitable march towards a global nanny state, as Saudi Arabia is apparently moving to ban the undeniably safe pastime of car surfing.

Yes, like flamethrowers and miniguns in the U.S., it seems that until recently car surfing in Saudi Arabia was on the list of incredibly cool-looking things that hadn’t been outlawed yet.

▼ Somehow considered less dangerous than talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel

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Although you can’t technically call it car surfing without someone risking his life riding the outside edge of the vehicle, the angular driving techniques required for the exhibition have become the subject of a number of popular YouTube videos.

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But while up until now the Saudi Arabian government has seen fit to let these vehicular shenanigans go unchecked, it seems the golden era is ending for gearheads in the country who are interested in possibly losing a limb as long as they have a chance to become Internet famous for a few days along the way.

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Saudi Arabia’s worrywart legislators are reported to be moving to ban car surfing, imposing fines equal to US$2,600 as well as seizing violators’ cars.

▼ Frankly, we’re amazed they could come to the conclusion car surfing is dangerous when it doesn’t even require your automobile to have four wheels.

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Rumor has it that people caught watching the displays will be fined as well, with the ostensible intent being to encourage would-be spectators to look for entertainment elsewhere. With smaller crowds, the idea is that fewer drivers will bother to show up.

While the objective is a noble one, we can’t help but point out that this also means that if you happen to already be watching some car surfing, you now have nothing to lose by joining in.

▼ Especially when car surfing can so easily be adapted into a team sport

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Source, images: Blogspot