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While the 48-member, Tokyo-based AKB 48 still holds the spot as Japan’s top idol singer unit, its sister troupes around the country are no slouches either. NMB 48, which operates out of Osaka’s Namba neighborhood, joined the sorority of tri-letter mega-groups produced by the prolific Yasushi Akimoto in 2011.

NMB 48 has followed its predecessor’s lead in providing fans with a high level of personal access to its members. Aside from regularly holding concerts in their proprietary theatre, the performers of NMB 48 occasionally hold events where they greet and shake hands with their adoring supporters.

It’s an exciting opportunity for any fan to press palms with their idol, and it’s understandable that some hope to make an impression on their favorite, either with a heartfelt smile, a kind word of encouragement, or a legally binding marriage proposal.

We imagine there are a few things fans make sure to take with themselves to these handshake events. A camera seems obvious, and hopefully the more conscientious think to bring a pack of breath mints and a towel to make sure their hand is nice and dry before the idol in question has to clasp it.

Most fans don’t come quite as thoroughly prepared as the one with the surname Omasa, who provided the snapshot of his pre-handshake preparations shown above. For those who don’t read Japanese, the paperwork shown is an official marriage application, the like of which anyone who wishes to be legally married is required to fill out and hand in at City Hall.

Omasa filled out as much of the document as he could on his own, even going so far as to write in the name of his favorite NMB 48 member, Akari Yoshida. The devoted fan stops just short of entering dangerous stalker territory thanks to the fact that he seemingly doesn’t know Yoshida’s home address, as the section for it is left blank, as are the slots for her to write the names of her parents.

Nevertheless, Omasa is indeed serious about taking the plunge, as the red stamp at the bottom of the page is from his personal seal, making his intent legally effective in Japan.

▼ “I do.” – Mr. Omasa

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All that was left is for Akari to fill the missing information and affix her own seal. Would Omasa’s gambit pay off? Was this scheme just crazy enough to work?

▼ Let’s just say these aren’t tears of joy.

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We’re guessing Omasa’s failure to win the heart of the 17-year-old Yoshida wasn’t solely due to the much-publicized ban on dating producer Akimoto places on his performers.

Japanese Internet commentators had the following to say:

“They don’t ban guys like this from these events?”

“There’re all sorts of weirdos in the world, aren’t there?”

“I think she should be able to sue him for damages.”

“You’re always going to run into some fans like this guy. Even with idols in the ‘80s, things like this happened.”

For any other would-be Romeos, remember this simple litmus test: Any time your relationship with a girl is so non-existent that the idea of just shaking her hand gets you psyched up, it’s probably too early to pop the question.

Source, images: Imoto ha Vipper