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Nothing quite screams “USA! USA!” like a glass of Kentucky bourbon; it is “America’s only native spirit” after all. Maybe that’s why patriotic fans of the beverage have taken to the Twittersphere in protest of Japanese company, Suntory, purchasing Beam, Inc., the distillers of American classics, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark. The $13.6 billion deal was announced on January 13 and was followed by a flurry of angry messages claiming the Illinois-based company had “sold out.” Let’s take a look at the angriest of the bunch.

Although Japan’s Suntory makes plenty of quality whiskey of its own (just ask Bill Murray), Jim Beam has been a popular choice here for years now, with stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio appearing in decidedly cheesy ads to help raise the drink’s profile. Nevertheless, the Japanese drinks giant has evidently been eyeing ol’ Jim for some time now, and was willing to put forth enough cash to make it part of their alcohol empire. Something that has not gone down well state-side.


▼ That #garbage hashtag was a nice addition. Classy.

▼ It’s alarming how many Tweets you’ll find when searching “jim beam japs”.



However, some Twitter users have a wider view of the situation:


But no matter which side of the fence you’re on (or maybe you just don’t care who sold what to whom), the deal is done and (pending board approval) Suntory, known as the producers of the first Japanese whiskey, will soon own our precious American bourbon. We here in the RocketNews24 office don’t particularly care who’s producing our delicious alcohol, just so long as it goes well with our Kentucky Fried Chicken flavored potato chips.

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Image: Beam Global