All woman want to feel beautiful, and as we’ve seen before a surprising number of women in Asia are willing to go the extra mile in their quest to achieve physical beauty by turning to cosmetic surgery. Once achieved, few of them would be willing to admit to having gone under the knife, but last week the truth about one female South Korean celebrity’s plastic surgery was exposed on national television. Seemingly by accident. Uh-oh…

  • Plastic surgery unintentionally exposed on TV

The unfortunate victim was popular comedian Ms. So-young Park. Ms. Park appeared on KBS2TV’s variety show Vitamin on the episode which was broadcast on January 8. The show focuses on topics related to health, and the theme for this episode was “a beautiful figure.” Singers and other celebrities also joined her on the show. X-rays and CT scans taken of each of them were revealed as part of the program, and a specialist explained the contents of them.

  • Something that shouldn’t be there!

However, a mysterious object appeared inside the image of Ms. Park’s CT head scan! A light brown pole-shaped object was clearly visible along the bridge of her nose, but it was definitely not bone or cartilage. When everyone asked what it was, even Ms. Park stared at the image in confusion. Then the specialist remarked, “Plastic surgery can’t trick the CT scan. You must have a silicone implant there,” disclosing the truth of Ms. Park’s nose-job. It was an unexpected development for plastic surgery to be revealed on a health-focused show, and Ms. Park also appeared to hide her face in embarrassment.

▼What’s that mysterious object in the center of her face?


▼A flustered So-young Park after her secret was unintentionally revealed


▼A very young Ms. Park before surgery (left) and now (right)


  • Exposing all of the secrets

Since her secret was exposed in the CT scan, there was no point in hiding anything else. Ms. Park confessed to a tummy tuck and other past surgeries that she had undergone. And it sure wasn’t cheap: 1,200,000  won for her eyes (about US$1,129), 3,500,000 won for her nose ($3,293), and additional expensive lip procedures. She stated that corrective tooth surgery alone cost over 10,000,000 won ($9,410). In other words, the total amount of money she has spent on plastic surgery up until now is the equivalent of a pretty decent car.

  • Prevalence of plastic surgery in South Korea

It is said that one in five South Korean women have had some form of plastic surgery. This figure confirms South Korea’s appropriate title “the plastic surgery capital.” Although the ratio of women who have had plastic surgery is high, individuals do not generally publicize it. The way Ms. Park’s surgery was revealed to the general public was especially embarrassing…but as comedian, hopefully she can recover and use the experience to her advantage!

Original article by Rachel
Sources/Images: KBS, Money Today (Korean)
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