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People love celebrities. Even if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool, “I hate TV,” mountain-living recluse, we bet there’s at least one or two famous people you know–or maybe even care–about. For the rest of us who are addicted to TV news, Internet news, and carrier pigeon news, we’d likely be able to recognize any number of celebrities from the last dozen years without even having to use a single Google image search…but would you be able to recognize those celebs and famous folks in their “before fame” period? When these photos popped up on a Japanese website, we were surprised by how many of these famous folks we couldn’t identify, so we decided we had to share them with our readers.

Some of these are pretty tricky and some of them are immediately obvious. Let’s see how many of these people you can identify, but no cheating!

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▲Princess Di…looked surprisingly normal.

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▲Pope Francis…was pretty handsome as a young man!

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▲Elvis Presley…could have been a baby model.

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▲Pablo Picasso…art skills and good looks??

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▲Richard Nixon…was actually kind of hunky. This is confusing…

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▲Nelson Mandela…will not be taking any of your crap!

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▲Milla Jovovich…was clearly born knowing how to take glamor shots.

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▲Muhammad Ali…this is probably the last time he ever looked shy in front of a camera.

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▲Marilyn Monroe…wasn’t really a blonde?!

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▲Leonardo DiCaprio…we really hope he’s posing on a boat here…

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▲Kurt Cobain…should have stuck with comics!

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▲Keanu Reeves…looks exactly the same today. He really is a Highlander!

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▲Jodie Foster…really needs to buy more clothes!

celeb (29)

▲JFK…kind of looked like Alfred E. Neuman.

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▲Michelle Obama…had some kick-ass hair!

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▲Janis Joplin…cleaned up nice!

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▲Hugo Chavez…could stare down a tank.

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▲Dustin Hoffman…actually hasn’t changed much, has he?

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▲Gary Oldman…before his role as a psychopathic murderer.

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▲Fidel Castro…should have been a model!

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▲Ewan McGregor…really needed a haircut.

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▲Elizabeth Taylor…was sexy and she knew it!

celeb (19)

▲Robert De Niro…was not sexy. But he clearly didn’t care!

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▲Robert Downey Jr….looked like a prick as a kid.
But we bet the girls loved him even then.

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▲Vladimir Putin…is thinking about throwing his teachers in jail.

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▲Leo Tolstoy…knew how to take one hell of a photo!

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▲Joseph Stalin…easily mistaken for your local barista.

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▲Queen Elizabeth…probably insisted on being prom queen every year.

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▲Albert Einstein…possibly thinking about playing dice.

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▲Al Capone…holding in a fart.

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▲Albert Camus…in a moment of rare non-absurdity.

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▲Bonny and Clyde…ahhh, young love and murder!

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▲Bob Marley (center)…was twice as handsome as anyone has any right to be.

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▲Theodore Roosevelt…coolest president ever? Probably.

celeb (20)

Édith Piaf…we can see why France loves her so much.

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▲Pope John Paul II…shaving with the birds and the bees.

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▲Sharon Stone…the shirt does not lie.

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▲Paul McCartney…pretending to be Elvis?

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▲Barack Obama…proving that, actually, yes, smoking does make you look cool.

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▲Charlie Chaplin…being awesome!

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▲Bill Murray…thinking about how much money he’ll have in a few years.

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▲Bill and Hilary Clinton…probably not entirely sober.

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▲George W. Bush…trying to figure out where he is.

celeb (10)

▲Nicholas Cage…Not really!

So, how many of these famous folks did you recognize in their youth? While some of these photos are already pretty well-known, we have to admit that a lot of them really caught us by surprise! It’s pretty interesting to see how a single photo can completely change your image of a person.

Are there any surprising pictures of famous people that we missed? Be sure to share them below!

Source and Images: Digital DJ Network Japan