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I’m going to go ahead and get out in front of this one by assuring you I’m not in the least bit sexist and I don’t condone objectifying women in photographs and magazines. Besides, my mother and sister would literally obliterate me from the face of the earth if I ever did or said anything untoward in regards to the female sex.

That said, I think we can all agree that the female form is a thing of beauty – while the typical male body in general looks something like an extremely hairy potato that’s been sitting out for too long – and if you’re going to photograph girls, they deserve to be photographed right. So it was with open ears that I listened to ace photographer Yuki Aoyama‘s advice for taking sexy pictures of girl’s legs.

Please use this advice responsibly and only take leg shots of girls who have given express permission; especially in Japan, there are way too many guys who think a girl just wearing a skirt equates to permission and we can assure you it most definitely does not.

Now that we’ve all agreed to use this advice for the forces of good alone, here’s what Aoyama had to say:

Create a sense of flow


This is most easily achieved by having your subject pose as though removing her (obviously knee-high) socks. This creates a sense of flow and action in the photo and entices viewers to imagine what’s going to come next. It also ensures a proper balance between bare leg and sock.

Make her legs look meaty


Nobody likes the appearance of gangly limbs. Especially when it comes to the legs. Harboring some of the body’s largest muscles, legs that don’t appear to have any meat on them can look unnatural. If you want to add a sense of thickness, have your subject sit down or cross her legs.

It’s all about lines


Intriguing lines are one of the major components of an excellent photograph, so it’s convenient that legs are kind of like two line segments you can use to naturally direct the viewer’s eye around the canvas. Aoyama recommends keeping the legs separated when your subject is standing, as opposed to having the legs touching each other.

While refraining from making your subject get into all kinds of crazy Twister poses, experiment with the lines legs naturally create. Try 90-degree angles or straight lines, overlapping lines, whatever; just don’t put anyone’s knee caps at risk. People need those.

Avoid nudes


Every photography student wants to try a nude set at one time or another, especially the male students because: hehe, naked chicks and it’s a proven fact pretentious photography teachers give better grades for nudes. But avoid this temptation!

To create a truly sexy photo, it’s better to leave something to the imagination. Think of Jaws and how scary that movie was because you only rarely saw the shark. Now think about Jaws wearing a bikini and how it would have made you feel tingly and weird and how it would have made you squirm around in your movie theater seat for some reason you couldn’t pinpoint.

Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about here.

Source/photographs used with permission of: Nanapi