As many as 2,800 stray cats in China lived to see the light of another day this week when concerned activists in Wuhan pursued and detained the truck that was carrying them to their fate – as food – in Guangxi Province.

The cats, which were were packed tightly into crudely built wooden cages, were on their way to Nanning in Guangxi Province where they were to be killed and butchered — something that, although frowned upon in northern China, is considered acceptable in some areas of the south, particularly amongst older generations.


Having spotted the truck, the animal welfare volunteers pursued it and were able to block its path until the authorities arrived on the scene. When checked, it was discovered that the truck driver’s papers were forged, prompting the authorities to force him to return to Wuhan where the massive cargo of cats would be quarantined and checked for diseases.

What will happen to these moggies next is unclear, but at least we rest assured that thanks to the efforts of a few kind-hearted people, they will not end up in anyone’s cooking pot!





Source: News 163 (Chinese) via Toychan Net
Photos via Toychan Net