We have long followed the exploits of Real-life Barbie along with her friends and family. Many were shocked and awed by the convincingly artificial look she achieved while others wanted to look like her too. At least I think I remember some people wanting that… I swear there was that girl that one time with the earrings…

Anyway, for those who want to achieve the doll look themselves, we present an instructional from England’s Venus Angelic teaching us how to create doll-eyes. Although it looks time intensive, her techniques look easy enough for anyone with rudimentary make-up skills to be able to pull off.

The basic steps involved a laying down a thick base of moisturizer (three layers).

Then, she inserts some dark rimmed iris lenses. Venus recommends doing this before any make-up to avoid messing it up.

After that, she applies three layers of concealer to her eyes and nose to flatten out the contours.

Next, she applies some powder to the entire face. Venus warns not to use too much and choose the color carefully for the best doll look.

On top of that she adds some pink and red eye shadow. Then she runs some lip-liner along the bottom eyelid and upper eyelid crease.

Next, comes the mascara, and lots of it, to get those lashes as thick as possible. When you’re finished with that, add on some fake eyelashes.

Apply blush to your cheeks and temples and then some bronzer to the outer curves of your face. Also use some bronzer to thin out the nose for a more artificial, doll-like appearance.

Use brown and cherry lip-liner, blend it in for softer looking lips, and apply gloss.

And congratulations, you’re a living doll!

Venus Angelic’s style was more conservative that we’ve seen from other real dolls in the past, but using her same principles and a little cosmetic daring and talent you could take it anywhere you want to go.

The basic concepts seem to be just smoothing out the face and adding contrast to the eyes. In fact, it certainly seem like even we could do this to someone, and when we finally coax Mr. Sato down from the top of the fridge we’ll know for sure.

Source: YouTube – Venus Angelic via Naver Matome (Japanese)
Venus Angelic’s Blog (So cute it will even turn your cursor pink)

Venus teaches a wide variety of hair and make-up techniques including anime eyes