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We love movies. That’s not really a surprise or a secret, but it certainly is true! Whether it’s some kung-fu cop action or the latest from Ghibli, we would be hard-pressed to decline a trip to the theater. But even we have to admit that not all theater seating was created equally. Sure most of it isn’t bad, but sometimes we just wish we could bring the projector and screen home so we could lie in bed in our jammies with a bowl of popcorn and really relax. Too bad we can’t bring our beds to the theater…

Or can we??

Well, not quite, but some theaters will supply the beds for us!

In bed with Ikea

You may have heard about an event a few years ago where the Parisian music hall Olympia was filled with beds from Ikea to promote the Swedish company’s new line-up of mattresses. A small group of lucky people were allowed to come and roll around in style while watching movies on the big screen. A dream come true, if you ask us! Sadly it was only a one time deal. For some reason, Japanese netizens mistakenly thought, and spread word, that it was actually a regular theater in Greece. While that is not, unfortunately, true at all, it turns out there really are theaters with full beds for your movie-watching needs!

▼The Olympia really knows how to throw a slumber party.

In bed with Ikea

For example, in England, there is the Electric Cinema, which offers a variety of seating options including armchairs, sofas, and, best of all, beds! All of the comfort of home without the faint smell of week-old trash. And these aren’t the dinky twin beds your mother makes you sleep on when you go home for a visit–these are massive, beasts of comfort! The only drawback is that they’re right at the very front–which, actually, when you think about it, makes sense. Normally front row seats means sitting with your neck at a 90-degree-angle, struggling to get your head far enough back to see the screen. With these luxurious-looking beds, you can just…lie back!

▼We have never wanted to go to England more than right now.

electric cinema

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, Indonesia, Blitz Megaplex, a chain of theaters, offers what it calls “velvet seating,” which is basically sofa beds! With a convenient table for holding your treats, the beds are immensely popular with couples as they can relax together while sharing a delcious snack and a film. The only drawback is the price: The tickets for the bed-seats are between two- and four-times the regular cost of normal seats. On the other hand, they totally look worth it.

▼Fortunately, they don’t charge per pillow.


But Indonesia isn’t the only Southeast Asian country sporting some beds in their theaters! Malaysia also has some bed-like seating of their own–though with a slight twist. Instead of traditional mattresses, the Beanie chain of cinemas offers up beanbag seats! Though not quite as large as the beds found at other cinemas on this list, the seats might be the best. Who doesn’t love flopping down onto a bean bag and floating off into a Hollywood dreamland? The theater also helpfully points out that their seats are the perfect size for couples to snuggle together on while enjoying a film and they feature two meters (about 6.5 feet) of leg room! That’s better than a king-sized bed as far as we’re concerned.

▼We feel like high school kids all over again!


▼We wonder if we could put this on our insurance under “preventative treatment.”
We bet one movie here does magic for a bad back!


Finally, moving again to the north, we come to Thailand, where you can find some of the comfiest-looking theater beds in the world. Located at the Siam Paragon mall, the Paragon Cineplex offers not just beds for movie-goers to relax on, but also a complimentary glass of alcohol, appetizers, and a single free serving of popcorn. Oh, and waitstaff to bring you food. Yes, we said waitstaff. We’re not sure if that includes during the film or not, but seeing as there are only enough seats (beds?) for 34 people we imagine no one will want to draw attention to themselves by being loud. Also, who would want to ruin a movie when tickets cost 3,000 baht, which is about US$91.

▼If you can drop $91 on a movie ticket, you can pay for a popcorn refill.


▼This would be the best way to play Halo ever.


While theater seating in Japan is already pretty comfortable and we love the ability to reserve our seats, we’re starting to think we’d really like some nice, big beds in the theaters too. Or at least a few pillows

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