Widespread use of the internet and social networking sites these days makes gaining fame and reputation online fairly easy, especially if you’re young, hot and people want to see your photos. Sometimes, such internet fame comes when you least expect it, such as, when you’re running a marathon.

An athletic babe shot to fame when pictures of her taking part in a marathon went viral across Chinese websites, bringing her over 10,000 new followers on Weibo (China’s homegrown version of Twitter) overnight!

Hailing from Hangzhou, the athletic beauty, who goes by the nickname of Mao Dou, stole the limelight at the 2013 Beijing Marathon in October last year, and once again at the 2014 Xiamen International Marathon held at the start of the year. With waist-length flowing black hair, large doe eyes, a cute smile, and a beautifully toned body, it’s hard not to notice this hot babe even among a large group runners at a marathon event.

Mao Dou started running four years ago, and took part in her first marathon in May 2012. In an interview, she said that she trains three to five times a week, running 10-kilometers each session, and up to 25-kilometers on weekends. The recent Xiamen International Marathon marks her seventh participation in such running events. Her goal is to complete 100 marathons without getting injured, and to maintain her toned figure for as long as she can. Check out her sculpted abs!


















When asked about her overnight fame and reputation as “China’s Most Beautiful Marathon Girl”, the 26-year old marathon enthusiast humbly replies that she is aware that gaining fame in such a manner is meaningless, and thinks that such “The Most —” titles only serve to sow envy and hatred. True enough, there has already been speculations about her looks on local forums, with some netizens insisting that “she must have had plastic surgery”. In regards to that, Mao Dou has responded by saying that, “We’re all human beings, there’s no need to be so mean!”

The only meaningful thing Mao Dou has found out of this massive online attention is that she has been receiving messages from novice runners asking for training advice. The marathon babe hopes to be able to encourage and motivate fellow runners through her words and actions, and wishes that more beautiful girls will start joining marathons as well so that in the future people will be talking about “The Most Beautiful Marathon Girls” instead.

Source: ETToday
Images: ETToday, Photo Channel