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Like many people, we’re happy about the recent announcement that the new Sailor Moon series will finally debut this July, and are keeping our fingers crossed that the third time is indeed the charm for the release date of the twice-delayed project. All the same, we’re getting a little impatient, not the least because the upcoming anime’s producers have yet to release so much as a single promotional sketch for it.

It’s gotten to the point that in order to sate our desire for Sailor Moon imagery, we’ve had to turn our attention to non-official creations. But while a few months ago we stumbled across some amateur drawings that looked so professional we mistook them for the real deal, we found out that the quality of Sailor Moon fan-art isn’t always as high as the enthusiasm of the fans behind it.

Let’s start with some sketchy sketches, such as this one depicting Sailor Moon herself confidentially striding down a rainbow and shouting hentai (“perv”), while a love-struck cat with the body of a television looks on.

▼ In all fairness, it might be a microwave instead of a TV. Still doesn’t make a lick of sense, though.

SF 6

Something a little easier to understand is the magical girl’s pained expression over having lost her trademark twin ponytails.

SF 9

Some fans are perplexed by the several references made during the show to its heroine’s love of sweets, despite her maintaining the stereotypical slender build of an anime leading lady. Perhaps a more realistic manifestation would look something like this.

SF 10

In a much more complex interpretation of the cast, here we see five Disney princesses cast as the Sailor Scouts, and drawn in the style of Marvel Comics.

▼ With this much cross-market sales potential, maybe the costume designers can afford to buy Sailor Sleeping Beauty some panties.

SF 11

The exaggerated features of anime and manga character design don’t always transition smoothly into three-dimensional space. The problem is amplified if your painting skills don’t reflect an adequate grasp of human anatomy.

▼ Somehow Sailor Moon’s eyes are open, closed, and shrinking all at once.

SF 32

Of course, an overly realistic take is unsettling in its own way.

▼ The realism extends to the expression of awkward embarrassment that an actual person would feel wearing this costume.

SF 19

This Sailor Venus figure (upper-right) shows her as a handsome woman (by which we mean she looks like a guy).

SF 22

Sailor Moon ended up being something of a sleeper hit during its first broadcast TV run in the U.S., with a dedicated fan base that still wasn’t quite as large as producers had initially hoped. Maybe part of the problem was that toymaker Bandai released dolls that looked like this.

SF 7

Still, that’s a lot closer to the character’s animated form than what we see here.

▼ Who knew the Bratz girls were so into anime cosplay?

SF 8

“In tonight’s episode, the evil Queen Beryl uses her dark magic to remove Sailor Mars’ head and place it on the body of Popeye’s arch-nemesis, Bluto. Can Sailor Moon save her friend in time?”

SF 29

Perhaps these slightly altered uniforms are where Korean idol unit SISTAR got the designs for their Sailor Moon music video.

SF 5

Look, we know she’s got a lot of stress from the whole “fighting evil by moonlight” thing, but we really don’t think hanging out in dingy bars and smoking cigarettes is the proper way to deal with it.

SF 4

Nor is getting stoned out of her mind.

SF 25

How about a more wholesome version of our pleated protector, like a team-up with Hello Kitty?

▼ With an assist from Ultraman’s gloves

SF 30

Or if that’s too cute, you could go the other way, with a Sailor Moon/Fist of the North Star crossover.

SF 27

”You are already kawaii.”

SF 28

Apparently post-apocalyptic martial artist/making people’s heads explode enthusiast Kenshiro (pictured above) isn’t the only guy who’s confident enough in his masculinity to try rocking a combat sailor suit, as a quick look around the Internet turns up no shortage of Sailor Dudes.

SF 3

SF 26

SF 24

SF 23

Pop quiz: Is the bearded behemoth above the most terrifying Sailor Moon image you’ll see all day, or does the title go to this portrait?

▼ Answer quickly, before it eats your soul!

SF 17

Trick question! It’s neither. The correct answer is actually this:

SF 31

Sweet dreams!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Photozou
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