Pets are wonderful. They liven up the house, bring us warmth and love, and help us keep in touch with our human side after a long day of toughening ourselves up in the harsh world out there. Sometimes, they even inspire us to be creative!

Check out this space-age “kitty backpack” designed by a cat-loving Chinese netizen! This might very well be how pet carriers will look like in the future!

As a pet owner, I can totally understand the feeling of wanting to take your furkid on the go. Of course, there are plenty of pet carriers available on the market, but conventional pet carriers aren’t very fashionable, and while your pet may feel comfortable sitting in it, they’re not very comfortable for the human holding it.

▼ Conventional pet carriers are typically bulky and hard.

There are also the more fashionable and ergonomically-friendly carriers designed for easier everyday use, but they tend to be kind of pricey.

▼ Fancy pet carriers look less intimidating to carry around.

▼ Trolley-rucksack carriers are highly functional but don’t look as attractive.

A Chinese Weibo (China’s own version of Twitter) user got creative one day while she was chilling at a cafe, and designed this peekaboo “kitty backpack” for her furry pal. Customizing a boxy backpack with a half-orb window for its occupant to peep out from, this handmade pet carrier might not be as sturdy and safe as conventional carriers, but it definitely takes the crown in the creativity department!

▼ Drafting the design.

▼ Cut out a hole of the same size as the plastic half-orb. The “window” used here is 13cm in diameter.

▼ Make sure to sand or buff the cut edges to prevent injury.

▼ Testing the peekaboo hole with the real McCoy.

▼ The creator used super glue here as a quick fix but does not recommend it as the glue might be harmful to pets. She recommends drilling holes and securing the plastic “window” to the bag with small screws and bolts.

▼ Side view of the “kitty backpack”.

▼ Don’t forget to drill holes on the sides for ventilation! We think she could use a few more!

▼ Ready for take off!

Many Chinese netizens have commented that the “kitty backpack” looks incredibly cute and that they want one too, but a few pet lovers have also expressed concern over safety and ventilation issues. Needless to say, it probably wouldn’t look pretty if the cat decides to relieve itself in there. Putting all logical issues aside, this astro-looking cat carrier does look pretty awesome!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Weibo, Cat Fancy Gifts, Animal Source, Dooyoo