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The world of idols is a fast-paced one: A performer may achieve success in a matter of months and lose it in a fraction the time. New faces appear every day, but not all of them have the impact they might have hoped for.

Hatsume Motomiya, however, doesn’t have to worry about getting catching the attention of the online masses–it seems like half of the Japanese Internet is already in love with her!

Though only 15 years old, Hatsume is already making a name for herself having performed onstage in Tomoegozen Joubussha Densetsu with Meisa Kuroki, who is signed to the same talent agency, Sweet Power, as Hatsume.

▼Meisa Kuroki, whom you might recognize from Uniqlo advertisements.


However, what really helped the young actress catch the Internet’s eye was her appearance in the MISS iD contest, a competition for aspiring idols. Numerous photos of Hatsume’s smiling face along with a video of her playing the flute seem to have grabbed commenters by the heartstrings.

You can check out the video and some of the many photos taken for the competition below. Skip to around 30 seconds in to see a demonstration of Hatsume’s flute playing skills.

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Hatume  (11)

With as much attention as she’s already gotten for herself, we have a feeling that Hatsume will have a bright future in the Japanese entertainment industry. We’re sure that she’ll be gather crowds and helping to sell glasses by the end of the month!

Good luck, Hatsume! And if you happen to bump into Meisa, be sure to let her know that Mr. Sato is free for a date next Friday.

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Images: Facebook, Hima Tsubushi News, MISS iD