We’ve already covered extensively Twitter’s propensity for bringing out the stupid in people – both in Japan and the world at large – so we knew it was only a matter of time until users of Twitter’s video-based cousin, Vine, just couldn’t help themselves anymore and started making Vine entries to elicit the collective eye rolling of millions.

And so, taking the dubious honor of the first subject of our hopefully not ongoing new segment, “Oh Boy, That’s Pretty Racist,” is Japanese Vine user Indodeen, who demonstrates for us how to have fun with blatant racial stereotypes by pretending to be a poorly-acclimated Indian man living in Japan.

The Japanese user’s alter-ego, Indodeen, speaks in horribly butchered Japanese, sports a dirt lip and towel turban, and engages in slapstick routines while being culturally different from Japanese people – which in Japan is sheer comedy gold. 

Oh boy, that was pretty racist. The standard disclaimer here is that, as an almost entirely homogeneous island nation, Japan’s pop cultural representations of other races and cultures are less than nuanced, to put it generously. And crude racial stereotypes are so common in Japanese comedy it feels like watching a supercut of all of Rob Schneider’s Adam Sandler movie roles.

Here’s more from our friend Indodeen:

If you’re into this kind of comedy, more power to you, we guess. Although, if you’re not, we’re sure you’ll be none too thrilled to know that Indodeen was recently invited to do his bit on national television in Japan and will probably soon be eyeballing entertainment deals.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of starting your own Vine seven-second comedy video career, we hope you’ll look to Will Sasso’s example for how to make nice, wholesome short Internet comedy bits:

Source: Nenza Blog