When it comes to education, most people put a high value on a low teacher-to-student ratio. If that is true, then St. Thomas University in Japan must be one hell of a deal, seeing as they currently have exactly one enrolled student.

St. Thomas, which used to be called Eichi University, offered a program of study called Interpersonal and Cross-cultural Understanding. However, due to low enrollment, they stopped accepting new applications in 2010. Apparently, the school had planned to begin offering programs in international education and health sciences, but due to problems with the application, their license was denied. All this means that their student body has shrunk since 2010, as students graduated or transferred elsewhere, leaving one last holdout who is scheduled to graduate this spring. We can’t imagine that the graduation ceremony will take long…

Starting in March of this year, St. Thomas University with just one student will be a university with no students.

The school is planning to renovate their facilities and reopen in 2015 with a nursing program, pending approval from the Ministry of Education. Says a representative, “Based on various investigations, including consulting with local high school students, we have judged there is a need for a nursing institution. As a lack of skilled nurses is currently a problem in Japanese society, we would like to produce large numbers of individuals capable of making a contribution to the community.”

The response from the Ministry of Education: “Well… we’ll see.” Fingers crossed for the Fighting Thomases!

Source and image: Kinisoku