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Though not something we usually think about in our day-to-day lives, toilets are actually kind of awesome. In addition to the wonderful sewer systems that keep our living environments clean and us healthy, the toilet can be a magical place of undisturbed tranquility. Jun’ichio Tanizaki even dedicated a significant portion of In Praise of Shadows, a landmark essay about Japanese aesthetics, to why he thought Japanese bathrooms were so great.

Tanizaki’s writing was published over 80 years ago and things have changed a lot since then–but Japanese toilets can still be awesome. Or least pretty funny. Here are 19 of the best toilet photos tweeted in Japan!

The photo below appeared on Twitter with the text: “I’m at a burger joint now. I just walked into the bathroom, but the distance to the seat is just waaaay too far! LOL!”

▼The Brown Mile?

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Speaking of surprising toilets, we think this guy may have found a haunted urinal!

▼”I see dead people…peeing!”

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Oh, never mind, it looks it was just a lucky photo. The Twitter user wrote: “The other day, at lunch, I walked into the university bathroom, and the sunlight was coming in at just the perfect angle. It was like it was some kind of legendary urinal!”

Once you’ve actually made it to the pot, you can finally drop your drawers and just enjoy the pleasure of a really nice bowel movement. Ahhh…so relaxing! Well, until you start to get bored. Then, it might be time to start practicing your origami.

The picture below appeared alongside the message: “The bathroom at school is just insane! LOL! I just can’t go in…what to do!”

▼It kind of reminds us of the ropes on the bells at Japanese temples…
Jangle them to call on the gods to request a smooth poop!

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The Twitter user who tweeted this next photo asked a very good question: “Who was playing in the toilet?”

▼We’re not saying it was aliens…but it was aliens.

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But as impressive as that last origami-toilet-paper swan was, this next picture is twice as amazing! And possibly even more troubling, as noted by the Twitter user who posted it: “What in the world was this guy doing in the bathroom!?”

▼Art. He was doing art.

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The picture below features a message composed out of rolled up toilet paper, but can you guess what it says? Well, if you read Japanese, we suppose no guessing is necessary, but just try it anyway, we bet you’ll guess wrong!


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That’s right: “Help.” We cannot imagine why someone left a message saying “help” made out of toilet paper, but we really hope they got it!

Of course, some of the fun goes on outside of the bathrooms as well. Like this little magnet-headed toilet sign!

▼He’s got an attractive personality!

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As relaxing as a trip to the bathroom might be, most people don’t really get pumped up about the potty, right? Well, aside from some six-year-olds we know. As the Twitter user who tweeted the photo below wrote: “No, I’m not that excited to go to the bathroom!”

▼Jazz hands make everything festive! Just be sure to wash after wiping.

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But sometimes you are that excited to get to the toilet!

▼Or maybe he’s just doing the Macarena?

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This might be the most unusual bathroom sign we’ve ever seen!

Recently, students have been plucking out pubic hair and leaving it on top of the urinals. We’ve had numerous eye-witness reports, so stop it right away!
This is the final warning!”

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Well, after that bit of shocking news, here’s a sign that’s a little less severe…

“When the toilet paper runs out, please take the roll to the office and get a new one. The password is: ‘A new roll please.'” (The word for roll is read as “shin,” which is the same reading for “new” in this sentence.)

▼We didn’t know there was going to be a test. We have nothing to take notes with!

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Well here’s a sign you don’t see every day. Or nearly any day…

“Please be sure to close the door or else the deer might get in.”

If you’re wondering just what in the world is going on at this toilet, the answer is simple: It’s a bathroom in Nara City, which is known for the tiny deer that freely wander around.

▼Well, at least it’s not bears trying to get into your picnic basket, right?

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We’re not sure why, but apparently Japan has a problem with wildlife breaking into bathrooms…

“Pigeons will come in.

When opening the window, make sure the opening is smaller than the width of a pigeon.”

Well, you know, we’d almost rather the pigeons pooping in the toilet than on our cars…

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Bathroom wall graffiti is probably as old as civilization itself. Here’s one of the most bizarre “graffiti conversations” we’ve seen yet.

Do not flush anything aside from the toilet paper!!

Person A: They’ve forgotten the true nature of toilets. What about everything we “push out”? Isn’t that the point of the toilet?
Person B: Only god knows the true nature of the toilet. (In Japanese “god” and “paper” are both read as “kami”.)
Person C: Yep, this is something to be flushed away with the water. (An idiom meaning “Just forget about it.”)
Person D: Please don’t flush away anything besides toilet paper!
Person E: Now they’re telling us to survive only on toilet paper!
Person F: We should flush this paper.

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In this next picture, we’re not sure if advertising a chocolate snack on a bathroom wall is genius or disgusting, but we applaud them for trying!

“After the bathroom, there’s a soft ice cream cone, the pride of Ministop, waiting for you! Please be sure to enjoy one!”

▼”Uhh…make mine strawberry, please!”

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And other signs are simply…inexplicable.

“Please do not flush wakame leaves down the sink!”

We can’t stop wondering how many times that had to happen before they posted a sign…

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These next few pictures are absolutely horrifying. We’ve heard of snakes and crocodiles crawling up out of toilets before…but never the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

The Twitter user who spotted this terrifying event must have been equally shocked!

▼Maybe the toilet was just showing us what it felt like to be puked into…

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According to the person who tweeted the photo below: “I was headed to the bathroom when I suddenly came across this scene. It left me dumbfounded.”

▼Hey, at least your “take a photo and tweet” instincts still worked!

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Here’s the final toilet-bubble monster photo we found. It was accompanied with the message: “When I woke up, the toilet was like this. They look like bubbles, but just what the hell is it??”

▼The spirit of poos past?

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Okay, that’s enough potty humor from us for now! We hope you enjoyed all the time you’ve spent with us in the bathroom today. Let us know if you’ve seen any funny or unique toilets in Japan or elsewhere.

And don’t forget to wash your hands!

Sources/images: Naver Matome