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Take a look at that beautiful woman in the “before” picture. She certainly has the whole package (assuming her personality matches her looks). But when the “after” photo of her post-plastic surgery face showed up on a Japanese forum, it caused cute girl aficionados across the nation to cry out in horror. After seeing the photos ourselves, we can’t help but feel that this absolutely beautiful woman ruined her face and would go as far as saying that the surgery was a waste of a perfectly attractive female.

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There are few details about the photos, but we do know the woman is a reporter in South Korea. When an estimated 1 in 5 South Koreans go under the knife, it’s not uncommon to see photos depicting the sculptability of the human face, but we can’t see why this particular woman decided to change her looks in such a drastic way. Let’s take a look at some other photos of this woman before her surgery:

shocking before and after plastic surgery photos2

shocking before and after plastic surgery photos3

shocking before and after plastic surgery photos4

And now for the after shots:

shocking before and after plastic surgery photos6

▼ “Her face looks like an old earthenware vessel.”shocking before and after plastic surgery photos7

Japanese netizens were horrified:

“Someone please tell me this was Photoshopped!”

“Why did she do that?!”

“There’s no end to the desires of humans.”

“Is it really possible to taper someone’s chin that much?”

“She really doesn’t know what true beauty is.”

“It looks like you could plow a field with that chin.”

“Is that girl satisfied with her face? I really want to know.”

Despite what these netizens think, we suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this young lady could be more confident and happy with the way she looks now that she’s undergone plastic surgery. However, it seems most people agree that she got too much of her jaw bone shaved off. We just hope it didn’t land up on display in her plastic surgeon’s office.

Source and images: Otona Risoku