For quite some time now we’ve had fun watching Asia’s Photoshop-skilled netizens have fun at the expense of others. Whether it’s putting boobs on a guy, or taking them of a woman, we’re always in for a chuckle. Still, it also makes you wonder what lies in the hearts of those anonymous artists. Do they have some sort of grudge against humanity as a whole to make us look as if we can fly by the power of our own farts with the mere click of a mouse?

Photoshop trolls’ souls were put to the test recently when a resident of Taiwan uploaded an old family photo along with his dying grandmother’s request: “Could anyone colourize this photo? Please grant this dying wish of my grandmother. All she wants is to be able to clearly see how her family once looked, one last time.”

The upload
At 3:58pm on 20 January, a post was made on a Taiwanese website called Mobile01. It contained the photo above and a humble request explaining how family meant everything to his grandmother and she would spend all of her time thinking of them. She could barely stand up by herself at this point. Both her mind and body were failing but she would cling to life, telling tales and reliving the times she enjoyed with those she loved.

“She said ‘Don’t worry, it’s only a little longer now.’ I knew exactly what she meant. My grandmother’s heart could barely pump blood through her body any more. I imagined how painful that must feel and began to cry when I heard her say that.”

Then, she took out an old black-and-white photograph taken about 70 years ago and made a wish.

“I wish I could see my family clearly again like we were at that time.”

With no image processing skill, the grandchild took to the internet to ask for help. In an often untamed wilderness of smug attitudes and foolishness, there didn’t seem much chance of someone not putting a raptor in the background instead. Still it was worth a shot to bring some happiness to a dying woman. The post was made and there was nothing left to do but wait.

The reply
At 6:45pm on the same day
another post was made on the thread. The poster was anonymous so we will refer to them as Fotosho Shokunin, a Japanese term for those skilled at Photoshop also used for Photoshop trolls.

The post had the following message and image:

“I had to make my best guess at what all the colours actually were. Eh, it was pretty difficult… *sweating* If you could confirm the colour arrangements, I can make the necessary alterations.”

The reaction
In less than three hours of the original request, Fotosho Shokunin had completely colourized the photo with meticulous detail. There was another Photoshop-proficient netizen also trying to help, but once they saw this Fotosho Shokunin’s worked they stepped down.

The fast restoration soon went viral in Japan and drew comments such as “I got goosebumps from that;” “That’s almost professional looking;” and, “I don’t know which is more amazing, the technology that went into making that photo, or the spirit of its maker.”

The story grew big enough to catch the attention of Taiwanese media outlets. According to SET News who interviewed Photoshop professionals, the amount of work that went into this colourization would have taken a pro an entire day to complete. The work was so amazing it led to rumors that it was actually a creator of the software who had come to the grandchild’s aid.

The grandmother
The grandchild immediately printed out a copy of the modified photograph and took it to his grandmother. She was thrilled and began to reminisce about her days as a student, when she visited Japan with her grandfather, and her family business. A lifetime had be given to her thank to a few selfless hours of someone’s time.

The grandmother expressed her sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the netizens who came out to help, and the grandchild passed on her gratitude online along with some pictures.

In a touching gesture of goodwill we can clearly see that while some with talent in Photoshop enrich our lives by making a guy look like he’s touching his buddy’s groin, others such as this Fotosho Shokunin are finding different ways to brighten people’s days.

Source: YouTubeMobile01
Original Article by Megu Sawai
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