If you had done something to upset your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, what would you do to try to make it up to them? Pick up a nice bunch of flowers? Write them a heartfelt letter? Splash out on a romantic weekend away?

How about getting down on your hands and knees and writing a message of apology on every one of the 300 stone steps in a nearby park?

On Wednesday this week, locals discovered the message “Wife, I was wrong” written in what appears to be yellow chalk all the way up a flight of stone steps in the Pingdingshan Forest Park in China’s Liaoning Province.


Native Chinese or not, writing that number of kanji characters by hand must have taken the repentant scribbler quite some time, so they will undoubtedly be rather irked to learn that local authorities promptly removed the messages, commenting to reporters that the park is a shared space and not a place for individuals to selfishly vandalise. We only hope that “wife” happened to pass by the park while the messages were still there to be seen.

Neither the identity of the individual who wrote the messages nor their reasons for doing so are known, but the general consensus online is that this that the man had likely cheated on his wife and, with the secret out, decided to do something to atone for his sins.

We, on the other hand, prefer to think that the messages were written following a game of Trivial Pursuit that got out of hand and resulted in an argument, and that when the man’s wife reached the top of the steps she found the message: “The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik.”

Source: China News (Chinese) via Toychan Net