At the end of the day, police officers are just regular people in uniforms. Despite their position in society, they have all the virtues and vices as anyone else. Some might get addicted to mobile games, and others sometimes refuse to admit when they’re wrong.

And then there’s the case of the Osaka Police sergeant who over a period of nearly four years has been forcing his subordinates to purchase copious amounts of food out of their own pockets to feed his insatiable appetite.

According to the Internal Affairs Division, from February 2010 to October 2013, the in question sergeant had extorted food purchases from at least four different junior officers at various posts over the years.

In one case, the sergeant was working at a police box (koban) from June to December of 2010. During that period he would visit another police box manned by a 33-year-old lower-ranking officer. While there the sergeant got the younger officer to go out and buy unusually large amounts of food such as 15 hamburgers, 15 donuts, and/or three huge orders of fried noodles. In each case the young officer would have to pay. However, on holidays, when they went to a buffet at a hotel they would split the bill.

When discovered, the 40-year-old was officially admonished by his supervisors and at their request, voluntarily resigned from duty on 25 December, 2013. In response to the accusations the former-sergeant explained that he was simply mimicked what had been done to him by his senior officers. “I wanted to see the scowls on [junior officers’] faces. I wanted to discipline them.”

In fields such as law enforcement, sports, and the military, this kind of hazing is nothing new and many would argue that it’s essential in toughening up those involved in tough works. However, this particular sergeant would have been better off asking his subordinates to buy some leaner dishes or exercise equipment. Over the course of the aforementioned police box incident his weight grew from 73kg (161lbs) to 88kg (194lbs).

Source: Asahi Shimbun (Japanese)
Image: Amazon