Working sucks. We all know this. (Unless you work at RocketNews24! Right, boss?) But when bonus time rolls around and you get a big chunk of change, all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve excreted over the past year toiling for the man almost seem worth it.

So imagine how employees of one company felt when their boss handed out boxes of shrimp-flavored Pretz as their long-awaited bonuses. Not to worry, though, this story doesn’t end in a plebeian revolt. The actual bonus is revealed after the jump.

Once the box was open, it was revealed to contain, not crustacean crackers, but cold, hard cash!


20,000 yuan to be exact. That’s about US$3,300! Of course, you might need that money to cover hospitalization for the heart attack you just had.

Source and images: Acid Cow