Chunky cable knits might not seem like a natural choice for fashionistas, but when it comes to winter nails, there’s nothing hotter than a knitted design. The new trend sweeping through Japan has us thinking about mugs of hot tea and romantic evenings by the fire. The varieties we’ve found will warm you up just by looking at them!

The cable patterns are created with matte nail polish to bring out the 3-D, material-like design.

Be1MxWwCYAAjtcsImage: matsushino7

The most popular way to wear the trend is to limit the knitted pattern to two or three nails per hand, alternating them with other basic designs and colours.

o0480036012787800547Image: ameblo.jp

o0480036012816292329Image: ameblo.jp

Mixing the matte knits with shiny nails is also another pretty option.

Bd1w86ICUAAqa5GImage: yesayuu8

Customers in Japan can choose from a variety of knit designs and pastel colours.

Be0jMHgCMAAoclJImage: neil_cutelove

The trend pairs well with short, natural nails too.

CIMG2987-thumb-320x240-5055Image: nail-sofa.com

Another trend popping up at the moment are quilted patterns reminiscent of expensive Chanel handbags.

Bb1PDDdIcAAeCmEImage: romanticnail

Avoid quilting overload by mixing and matching the patterns with other nail designs.

131127nail2Image: glitty.jp

o0450033812343490262Image: ameblo.jp

The following video shows the secret to achieving a quilted nail: a piece of dental floss!

The trend for quilted bags and knitted sweaters for nails looks set to last until the weather warms up in spring. We can’t wait to see what lies in store for next season’s nails!

Source: Naver Matome 
Top image: ameblo.jp