Hardcore cat owners kind of form a special club. It’s a club filled with people who have tacky paintings of cats sitting at dinner tables in their foyers, people who enjoy the smell of catnip, and those that actually own so many felines that they only named the first dozen and then just started numbering them.

For the rest of us, the cat obsession might seem like an obscure, sort of off-putting hobby, or maybe even a kind of mental illness brought about by sniffing too many litter boxes. These pictures are not for those people. These pictures are for cat lovers. If you are a cat lover, you will be tickled pink. If you have only seen cats in Internet memes, stop reading now. This post is not for you.

Let the cat love begin:

▼ This cat is clearly disappointed that vomiting doesn’t magically produce another meal.


▼ Here is a cat that appears to be about to vomit, but is holding it in, in the hopes that it will receive another meal. I don’t actually know anything about cats except that they make my eyes itchy.


▼ Cats have no bedside manner. They will just stare at your junk for hours until you get out of the bath and cover yourself.


▼ Cats will apparently try to eat your feet, even if you wear socks. Also, if you die, your beloved cat will almost immediately eat your face for nourishment. Luckily, we don’t have any pictures of this, but police assure us it’s a real thing.


▼ Felines are very judgmental about your clothing choices.


▼ Cats have a tendency to look like noble Japanese Shogun when they are tired.


▼ Sometimes, cats do things that are almost impossible to describe in words.


▼ Cats have totally no idea how to shake hands.


▼ We hear from cat lovers that even if you buy a cat the “Cat Palace 5000” scratching post, they will inevitably display more interest in the Amazon box that it came in.


▼ In the war between cat and dog, the cat is forced to improvise.


▼ Owning a cat is very similar to having a 24/7, in-home stalker.


▼ Also, they do whatever is happening here.


▼ Cat ownership can quickly and easily get out of control.


▼ This apparently means, “Come closer and I’ll murder your hands,” even though it looks like a signal to give them a hug.


▼ Felines often resort to interpretive dance to tell you what they want.


▼ They think it’s hilarious to recreate iconic Alien scenes when you’re least expecting it.


▼ Digital screens fascinate them.


▼ Whatever is happening here apparently happens.


▼ We’ve all been there, right?


▼ Sometimes, cats even, once in a while, get a little excited about you coming home after a long day.


As you can see, I obviously don’t own or even like cats, but looking at these pictures I can sort of, maybe, just a little, start to see why people adore them so much. If I wasn’t so horribly allergic to cats, I might even consider going out and buying one. But, I guess I’ll just make do with this cat picture collection and cat-themed Internet memes.

Source: Naver Matome