We’re pretty sure many of you would agree that a haircut can make or break your overall image. If you’ve been through disastrous haircut experiences that left you seething in hate and wanting to strangle your hairdresser, you’ll probably be able to empathize with these furry buddies who went through an epic FML moment.

But to be honest, some of them actually look pretty cool!

p52Vn6abkqWVp6gImage source: Nonnoa

p52Vn6aXkqWVp6cImage source: BSCatClinic

p52Vn6WckqWVp6YImage source: Ilovecat

p52Vn6WYkqWVp6UImage source: kkal07

p52VoJ2ckqWVp6oImage source: Ivan-tai

p52VoJ2XkqWVp6kImage source: Chuba&Company

p52VoJ6akqWVp6wImage source: Picshag

p52VoJ6WkqWVp6sImage source: Zastavki

Looks like April Fool’s Day came slightly early for these cats and dogs! At least as humans, we’re able to voice out our dissatisfaction when our hair stylist goes a little too extreme for our tastes, but these poor fellas probably never knew what hit them.

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Cafe.daum