Just look at those large, round, clear eyes that seem to see right into your soul! They belong to what appears to be an undeniably adorable yet otherworldly furry creature. But wait, this can’t be an actual, living animal, can it?

No, you’re right, this isn’t a living animal — but it certainly looks life-like, doesn’t it? What you’re seeing here is the work of young Russian artist Santani. And we have a collection of pictures showing her gorgeous creations to share with you, so sit back, relax and let these creatures take you to an alien world!

Here are some of Santani’s colorful and unique dolls as presented on online art community site deviantART . The detail and texture on each one is simply amazing.

▼ Such beautiful gray and white fur — and the detailed toes on the feet are too adorable.tj2
▼ These fellas look like owls from a fantasy world.tj3


▼ White balls of cuteness!tj4


▼ This little guy looks like a hamster from another planet.tj17

▼ A gorgeous white and blue dragon, complete with wings and horns!tj6
▼ This one looks a bit like a lion cub … with horns, that is.tj8

▼ This fella looks like a cross between a squirrel and a fennec fox.tj15

▼ Some of Santani’s more fantastical-looking creations:doll odd



▼ Looks like it’s group picture time!tj14

With large ears and even wings and horns, these toys definitely have a unique appearance that is somewhat difficult to put into words. Well, maybe they do have a kind of Furby or Gremlin (as in the cute Gizmo, not the nasty ones) or even Pokemon-like look. One thing you can say for sure is that the dolls certainly appear amazingly real for such fantastical-looking creations.

Not surprisingly, Santani’s collection of works generated enormous response as soon as they were made public online, and there now seems to be a significant backorder on them, based on the information on her deviantART webpage.

Although Santani says on the page that she would eventually like to set up an Etsy or eBay account to make it easier for interested customers to order her creations, we think that could take a while considering the amount of time and work that must go into these exquisitely detailed dolls. Until then, it looks like there’ll be a long waiting list for these one-of-a-kind stuffed toys. But looking at the pictures, we think it may well be worth the wait!

Original Article by: Anji Tabata
Source and photos: deviantART
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