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Though still a relative new property in the world of anime and manga, Attack on Titan has no shortage of fans, and the dystopic tale seems to be growing faster and faster every day. As it rises in popularity, its fans are also getting more creative, going on dates in costume and making insane live-action adaptions.

Today’s fan-made figure is much smaller in scale than some of the stuff we’ve seen, but it’s no less awesome. And best of all it stars our beloved spud-loving badass: Sasha!

Among the many Attack on Titan characters, Sasha Braus is certainly one of our favorites–mostly because of her dedication to potatoes. I mean, who doesn’t love a good ‘tater, right?

▼The “Potato Girl” in all her tater-chewing glory

Sasha (17)

Ms. Braus is pretty popular among fans of the series–popular enough, in fact, to get her own fan-made figure. And not only did this Attack on Titan fan make a pretty cool Sasha-Braus-eating-a-potato figure out of clay, he or she also photographed the process! Check out the figure’s before and after photos below.

First up, our anonymous sculptor showed the head in its barest state…

Sasha (18)

And then immediately realized it needed a bit more tuber!

“Why did you choose the potato scene!?” one commenter wondered.
Our response could only be: Why wouldn’t you??

Sasha (16)

Sasha (15)

Her hair kind of looks like a sea urchin. Hmmm…now we’re as hungry as Sasha…

Sasha (14)

Here are all the pieces painted and ready for assembly!

“Eeek! There’s a slasher on the loose!” a confused commenter wrote.
Thankfully, it looks like everything was sorted out before the cops were called.

Sasha (19)

The picture above was also a source of confusion for a number of commenters in the thread. “What’s that thing that looks like the surface of the moon?” one person asked, perhaps hoping for another figure of astronauts moonwalking. “It’s supposed to be the stand for now. LOL” answered the hard-working sculptor. His choice of coloring could have been a bit better though, as someone followed up with, “It’s starting to look like a puddle of vomit…”

Well, we suppose a hero must be able to fight anywhere

“Hurry up and finish!” screamed numerous impatient commenters.
We’re guessing they’re not really “enjoy the journey” people.

Sasha (2)

Sasha (3)

Around this time, people started to get curious: “Is this clay? What’s it made of?” one of the more polite forum users asked. “It’s made from a type of clay called New Fando,” the creator answered. New Fando, in case you haven’t heard of it, is basically a high-grade hobby clay sold in Japan.

Sasha (12)

“The wrinkles in the shirt are great!” one forum user added.
We’ve never tried to sculpt wrinkles before, but, yeah, they do look amazing!

Sasha (11)

Sasha (10)

“Her boobs are so big!” one commenter wrote.
And another added, “She looks kind of fat.” Jeez, guys, lose the judgmental attitude!

Sasha (9)

Sasha (8)

While many of the forum users were impressed, not everyone was won over. “Everything except the face looks great” was one of the better examples of constructive criticism. “That looks nothing like her!” was…less helpful, we suppose.

Sasha (7)

Sasha (6)

▼Ah! There! She finally has her potato!

Sasha (5)

Sasha (4)

And here is the figure completely assembled! According to the creator, it stands around 21 centimeters (just under 8.3 inches) tall.

Sasha (21)

Sasha (20)

Ignoring the negative folks, almost everyone was impressed, with “sugeeee!” (which is like “freakin’ awesome!”) being one of the most common comments in the thread. We think it’s easy to see why!

Sasha (1)

Wait, wait, wait, what’s that bird…thing?

Well, it turns out the Sasha figures wasn’t the sculptors first brush with Internet glory. Apparently, the poster got some attention previously for the small bird sculpture next to Sasha.

Here’s a close up…

Sasha (13)

This is the “oeee bird,” a work of ASCII art which depicts a bird…well, vomiting. The “oeee” is supposed to be the sound of puking, in case you hadn’t guessed. It has been around since about 2009 and has become a mainstay of Japanese ASCII art on the Internet.

If you think the figure above looks gross, just wait until you see the ASCII-version!


That’s somehow infinitely worse, isn’t it?

Well, this would be a horrible way to end, so where’s a YouTube clip of Sasha’s famous potato scene to make up for the vomiting bird!

Source: Vipper, Pixiv Hyakkajiten
Images: Vipper, Purisoku!