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Tokyo doesn’t often get massive snow storms. Once or twice a year, we might get an inch or two, but the storm that dumped 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) of snow this weekend was apparently the worst in two decades. So, it’s easy to see why people were clearing the shelves at local supermarkets! A reasonable reaction to a massive snowfall is to stock up on supplies.

Of course, there’s another entirely reasonable reaction to snow: Playing in it! Check out some of the best snow-creations tweeted over the weekend below.

This snow-creature below is Rensouhou-chan. At first glimpse, it looks a bit like an adorable snowbunny, doesn’t it? But if you look closer, you might notice something a bit more…explosive. “Rensouhou” (連装砲) refers to the multiple large (12.7 centimeter, or 5 inch) guns on naval destroyers! Rensouhou-chan is one of the anthropomorphized Shimakaze’s side-kicks in the online game Kantai Collection.

snowman (3)

▼Rensouhou-chan and the anthropomorphized Kazeshima


Here are some “winter-only” puyo puyo! This leaves us wondering: Do blobs freeze?

snowman (7)

Our next photo of wintry fun is this, um, horrifying mess. It appeared on Twitter with this message:

I made a snowman! ♥️

It could just be us, but the heart is what swings this past cute-but-creepy all the way to horrifying. But still adorable.

▼”Hey, wait for me, guys!”

snowman (8)

And here we have an adorable assortment of what looks like a choir of snowbabies. Awwww! Unfortunately, the backstory is less “cuuuuute” and more “reveeeenge!”

My little brother hates the people who live on the second floor, so he did this… Just how many are there?? LOL

snowman (2)

Here are some cute footprints allegedly left by a bird…

▼Or maybe a very drunk salaryman on tiny stilts?

snowman (14)

This bizarre photo was taken by a Twitter user in a park near his or her home. It’s not clear from the photo, but the snow is at the bottom of a slide!

▼Now we really want a Fruit Roll-Up…

snowman (15)

Of course, humans weren’t the only ones making the most of the day!

I took my dog for a walk, and when we got back, it ended up looking like shaved ice!

Hopefully this puppy wasn’t walking around where Softbank’s Otosan had been, uh, getting busy. Ew!

snowman (20)

Here’s “Oshushi,” a sushi roll character featured in a four-panel comic popular on Twitter in Japan. Oshushi is made of rice and tuna (the red part) and, for some reason, won’t die even if eaten.

▼It’s also extremely cute…

snowman (21)

▼The real Oshushi


We can only wonder what sort of crime this snowperson committed to be forced to do dogeza, prostrating oneself in apology. Maybe it forgot its corncob pipe?

snowman (1)

Here’s Cinderella’s castle at Tokyo Disneyland’s Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes! No word on whether or not her glass slipper was actually an ice slipper…

▼”What is this? A castle for ants?!”

snowman (4)

Of course, you would expect an appearance by a Ghibli character as well, wouldn’t you? Here’s a snow Totoro! Or maybe: Snotoro?

▼Now where’s the Catbus…we’re late to pick up our hot cocoa.

snowman (5)

Anyone who’s played Earthbound will recognize the snow-thing in our next photo: Mr. Saturn!

▼How the hell did they get the nose to stay on??

snowman (6)

This snow Snoopy is definitely one of our favorites in this list. Not only is it incredibly cute, but it also really, honestly looks just like Snoopy!

▼It was a dark and snowy night…

snowman (9)

And then there’s this. We…uhhh…but…well…see…

▼Seriously. WTF??

snowman (10)

It looks like someone made snowy versions of Gachapin, a buck-toothed dinosaur, and Mukku, a red Yeti–both characters on the Japanese children’s show Kirake! Ponkikki. Though in snow form they look more like dogū from the Jomon period than anything…

▼Or maybe…aliens!!

snowman (11)

▼Oddly, Gachapin and Mukku don’t look any less alien in color…

Back in the realm of the real, someone walked out on their balcony…and found chirping little snow-made sparrows!

▼Aw, so cuuute!

snowman (12)

▼Oh, crap! They’re multiplying. And they’re hungry! Aiiiieeee!

snowman (13)

Of course, by now, you all know and love Funasshi just as much as we do. Whether running from explosions or just jiggling wildly, Funasshi is simply the greatest mascot character to ever have danced a crazy little dance! And as much as Funasshi doesn’t seem to appreciate imposters very much, we think it will let this one slide.


snowman (1)

This dizzying photo is of the snow piled up on the platform at Fujino Station in Kanagawa Prefecture.

▼It’s enough to make you stay on the train until it melts!

snowman (16)

Well, we’ve heard of “snow viewing” ramen before…but this is the first time we’ve seen snow-covered udon. But it looks like a nice big, family-sized helping!

snowman (17)

The message tweeted with this photo tells you all you need to know.

You guys are making all that noise and frolicking just because it’s snowing. I’m over here staying quiet and studying math, so shut up!

snowman (19)

By now, you all know that the Sochi Olympic games have started, if nothing else because Google changed their banner! Well, one Japanese illustrator Serujioitigo tweeted his addition to the graphic this weekend: Snowball rolling!

▼”Google: Where’s the closest snowball fight?”snowman (2)

And, finally, here’s the snowbaby your humble author saw waking up on Saturday morning.

▼”Dude, it’s waaaay to cold out there. Lemme warm up in for a bit!”

snowman (22)

We hope you all enjoyed the record snowfall and made some great snow-memories. Just try to stay warm, okay? We don’t want to hear about any unpleasant frostbite!

Sources: Netorabo
Images: Netorabo, Twitter, Pixiv, Gachapin Blog, Snowbaby photo by RocketNews24