Animated gifs have been knocking around on the Internet since the early ’90s; it’s about time they had an update, really. Well as luck would have it, these gifs have gone 3D! The effect is achieved by the simple addition of two vertical white lines, meaning you don’t even need your 3D glasses to enjoy them! We take a look at six of the best, as animated gifs leap into the 21st century.

▼ Captain America spots a Google Street View van.

▼ This adorable puppy is now even cuter in 3D.

▼Coming soon to a cinema near you, it’s Star Trek: steady hand game.


▼ With that whole sexing-up scandal, we almost forgot that Merida can do anything a prince can.

▼ We love this bounding critter’s shadow. Nice 3Dficication, Hannibal fan!

▼ Shallow, shifting focus: a popular and effective 3D choice. Also, weapons.

Source: KAI-YOU
Images: KAI-YOUdiegorx3, tumblebuggie