There’s something about cats. Whether they’re leaping through the air in cute GIF form or popping up in edible delights, the feline species have got us well and truly eating out of the palm of their spongy little paws. In Japan, one cat lover has paid homage to their cute ways with an alphabet made up entirely of cat tails! Now you can mesmerize your friends from A to Z with messages cute enough to print out and paste on your wall.


Created by Twitter user @Honki_Honki , this alphabet is so cute it’s got people using the word nyan (the Japanese word for meow) at the end of their sentences. The popular consensus is that these little letters are “too cute nyan” but “a little difficult to read nyan”. To test out your cat-tail-readability level, try reading the word below:


Hmmm…if that was a test I may have failed at first because I was so distracted by their adorable little faces! If you can see the word “cute” in amongst all that cuteness then give yourself a pat on the back – you can read tail!

Deciphering random letters like the ones below might prove to be a little more difficult.


If you got “i”, “k”, “j”, “f” and “l”, then congratulations! You’re ready to take this to the next level and start writing messages of your own. If you had to refer to the alphabet list to figure out the letters, then you might just require some more study. If studying was always this enjoyable, we would probably all be scholars by now!


Source: Hamusoku