As you may already have noticed, extreme snow has been causing havoc around the Kanto and Chūbu regions of Japan for the past two weeks now. It’s just been one thing after another, and today news has hit of the latest shock – they’re out of snow shovels! But when the snow’s piling up at your door, there’s nothing for it but to get creative.

See the solutions people came up with below, and find out how it’s related to the hulking Godzilla-like form looming above.

  • We’re out of snow shovels!

Brave souls who ventured out of the house in search of proper snow-clearing gear over the past few days were met by empty shelves and perhaps the odd tumbleweed. Twitterers were quick to share the tragic scenes.

Snow shovels and wellies are SOLD OUT.


But in humans vs snow, the humans weren’t ready to back down just yet. When you’re in a pickle, you realize just how multi-functional most household objects really are. So just what have people been substituting for a proper shovel?

  • Buckets

Sorry to spoil it for you, but this isn’t actually the slumbering form of a snowy Godzilla (Snowzilla?), it’s just the surprisingly terrifying result of bailing buckets of snow out of your driveway.

I’m scared of the monster we left behind after shoveling snow with buckets.



  • Dustpans

Perhaps an obvious choice, but it gets the job done. Unless you have one of those mini ones that people use to sweep… well, actually I don’t know what they use them for because they’re so darn tiny. This is clearly a job for heavy-duty dustpans only.


Oh no! My 100 yen dustpan broke lol My only snow shovel… lol

  • Pots and pans

Don’t forget to wash them out afterwards!


  • Sledges

Traditionally the sledge is supposed to go on the snow, not the other way around, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


  • The poor man’s shovel

My workplace is too poor to have a real shovel, so we had to shovel snow with a plank of wood.

Well, you can always make the kids do it.


  • The truly creative

For the real MacGyvers out there, this snow is nothing they can’t handle. Check out these manly men whipping up their own homemade shovels.



Here’s my idea for a snow shovel. Shoe horn + dustpan. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this is a 100-point idea, but actually it was about 5 points strength-wise. Afterwards I went and borrowed a real shovel.

Better luck next time maybe?

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter