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Being a music video director must be a pretty cool job. You don’t have to worry so much about narrative structure like film directors do, and you’re free to just make a mish-mash of concepts that – if you’re talented – form a vaguely recognizable story. The only requirements are liberal use of bullet time and at least one physically attractive woman.

Case in point: This hit British music video from electropop band Clean Bandit, which appears to tell the story of a cute Japanese girl who is being haunted by white people.

But, apparently, many YouTube viewers were too distracted by the beauty of the video’s token hot girl/lead actress to notice the Shakespearean tale unfolding before their eyes. These viewers, instead of asking why a bunch of Caucasian apparitions were bullying this poor Asian girl, were more concerned with finding out who the actress is, the better to Google search for pictures of her boobs.

Because this is the world of Internet journalism and a handful of YouTube comments qualifies as breaking news, the Japanese Internet media has latched onto the story and, we’re happy to report, have done the legwork for us on identifying the mysterious female lead.

So, you several dozen YouTubers waiting with baited breath, get your browsers ready: the actress is Japan-born Haruka Abe, who has spent much of her life in London picking up small roles in film and TV, presumably hoping for a big break. She’s also a self-proclaimed geek!

But, alas, some bad news: In the name of, ahem, journalistic thoroughness, we went ahead and did that Google search for you. No boobs. Well, openly on display anyway.

But we did find these!






▼ Lol, wut?


So there ya go, world, someone crazy cute to obsess over. That’s what we’ll be doing with the rest of our day anyway.

Source: NewSphere
Inset photos: Official actress website