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On the surface, Japanese zipper manufacturer YKK occupies an enviable position. The company’s global market share is estimated at as high as 90 percent, and until technology finally makes good on Back to the Future II’s promise of self-attaching apparel, future demand for the company’s products is likely to remain strong.

That said, zippers aren’t the most glamorous field to work in. As with any manufactured good, there’s obviously a tremendous amount of engineering and logistics talent at YKK, but it’s not hard to imagine the company wanting a moment in the limelight, something that demands a little more attention.

Well, YKK’s collaboration with British designer Ava Rajcevic is sure to get plenty of attention, at least for as long as people can look at it without the horror warping their minds.

Maybe you can chalk it up to inexperienced exuberance, but we’re more than a little shocked as to how YKK didn’t just step outside their comfort zone, but climbed past the razor wire-topped perimeter fence of common sense, disregarding the grievous wounds the actions caused to their hands and our psyches. How else to explain the jump from this….

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….to this?

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This unique piece of headgear is the Interlocking Headpiece, the latest creation from British designer Ana Rajcevic. The multi-sectioned unit’s components are held together by a series of zippers supplied by YKK.

The award-winning Rajcevic has an educational background in architecture, and her familiarity with structural integrity and non-cloth materials can be seen in her designs, often crafted from metals and plastics, that look like extensions of the skeletal system/the nightmares we used to have in third grade that we were so close to repressing.

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▼ Slender woman + generous side boob + really long plastic goatee = extreme confusion + growing panic

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▼ If you can maintain an aura of serenity and composure while looking like a bird just landed on your face, you’ve clearly got us beat.

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Japanese website Digital DJ Network seems to think the Interlocking Headpiece has promise, applauding its wholly groundbreaking design that isn’t constrained by any traditional fashion concepts. “We thought colored contact lenses looked weird at first, too,” the site commented.

We’re not sure we’d put the collaborative effort between Rajcevic and YKK on the same subdued level as a gothic teen wanting to look a bit more like a vampire, or an Asian dude with blue eyes. We do have to agree that it’s a completely original, brave design. After all, it takes a great deal of courage to wear something that covers your eyes, thereby making you entirely dependent on the guidance of others to move about, while at the same time almost definitely isolating yourself by sending anyone who sees you fleeing in terror.

▼ Not to mention the courage to instantly open yourself up to the comment of, “No offense, but that thing really makes you look like an actual dickhead.”

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Source: Digital DJ Network
Top image: Digital DJ Network
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