In recent years, the things to watch out for while driving on the road aren’t just green and red lights, reckless drivers in the next lane, or traffic police on your tail. Drivers now have to look out for con men who stage fraud accidents in order to rip a few big bucks off of you. Thankfully, we have technology on our side! In-vehicle cameras and the cameras on our mobile phones are great tools that could protect us from such “accidents”. A Chinese driver shows us how!

A Chinese driver was spotted on the road in Jiangsu Province, eastern China, taking photos of a traffic accident victim before helping her up. The unusual sight attracted the attention of other drivers on the road, who in turn took photos of the man.

According to reports, the lady motorist was knocked over by another motorist, who, despite causing the accident, sped off and left her sitting on the road. Many onlookers were spotted on the busy street, but none stepped forward to help, possibly because they were worried about getting themselves in trouble as there have been reports of con artists who fake accidents on the road.





The 60-year-old hero of the day, Guohua Zhao, stepped out of his Mercedes-Benz and warily took snapshots with his mobile phone before moving forward to lend a helping hand. Mr. Zhao said that he was on the way to meet a friend for lunch and spotted the damsel in distress, but nobody went over to help her, so he stepped up to it. He also comments that the reluctance to lend a hand is understandable, and admits that he was “slightly worried at first, as one needs to know how to protect himself before helping others”.

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Mr. Zhao’s good deed and smart move at “self-protection” gained praise among Chinese netizens, and reminds us to always be alert on the road, no matter whether we’re behind the wheel or not.

Source/Images: ETToday