Asada Mao

Silver medalist, Mao Asada, is the ice skating sweetheart of Japan. Loved by millions across the tiny island nation, she was expected to do great things at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. However, an unfortunate fall during her triple axel took Mao out of the running for the podium and the skating beauty finished 16th in the ladies short program. Witnessing a world-class skater make a huge mistake at such a crucial moment on the world stage was nothing short of heartbreaking. But Mao’s fellow skaters, including Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi, took to Twitter to show their support of the young skater. Unfortunately, Mao didn’t receive the same outpouring of sympathy from one prominent Japanese official.

Here’s what English-speaking skaters from around the globe had to say about Mao’s performance:


As you can see, every message is dripping with the utmost respect for this talented athlete. However, the same can’t be said of the words of former Japanese Prime Minister and Tokyo 2020 organizing committee chairman, Yoshiro Mori, who criticized Mao, blaming her flawed performance on her participation in the team event just two weeks earlier. This, from a man who just one month earlier said Mao had a habit of “always falling at the most critical time.”

Mao’s face at the end of her short program said it all. She knew she had delivered a flawed performance of a program many thought to be one of her best. We hope her the best in her upcoming free skating performance and hope the citizens of Japan are more forgiving than their former prime minister.

Source: Hamusoku, Mercury News
Featured image: Twitter (tanahapppp)