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In a recent video shared via YouTube, the AFP News Agency takes a look at the weird and wonderful world of Japan’s love hotels. Around for more than 100 years now, these curious and undeniably Japanese locations are used by everyone from sex-starved couples who live with their families to cheeky travellers looking for a cheap place to crash.

Check out the video for info on everything from how to check in to what you can find inside your room.

One of the best things about love hotels, particularly for the notoriously shy Japanese, is their respect for guests’ privacy. Sure, you may be spotted leaving the hotel in the morning or after a couple of hours of mid-afternoon grown-up fun, but more often than not you’ll never see another soul during your visit. There are even hotels outside of the city that have curtains to draw across the front of your car in the parking lot in order to hide your registration plate from view.

Unlike regular hotels, most love hotels offer a variety of vastly different room types. To choose a room, simply approach the large, illuminated display which shows photos of their interiors. Beneath each photo you’ll usually find information about the room including the “rest” (usually two hours or less) rate or the price for an overnight stay, along with any special features or themed decor the room may have. As we’ve seen before, Japan’s love hotels can range from plain but comfortable to the downright bizarre, so making your choice may not be easy, but if you’re visiting on a weekend or late at night, chances are you’ll have to settle for something a little less exotic as it’s first come, first served and reservations for specific rooms are rarely if ever taken.

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After deciding which room you’d like to hold hands and cuddle in, simply push the button beneath the photo. The light behind the photo will then be extinguished and either a key will drop out (in which case you’ll usually pay in your room by inserting your money into a machine or sometimes via one of those old-school pneumatic tubes that zooms your cash to a member of staff in the back office) or head over to the nearby reception window with frosted glass where you can hand over your money and receive your key – all without ever having to make eye contact with anyone else.

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As well as offering large, comfortable, and surprisingly clean rooms and beds, love hotels often provide an array of fun and convenient amenities. If you and your beaux were caught off guard while about town and carried to a love hotel by the fire of passion, you can usually find condoms beside your bed so as to avoid taking any unnecessary chances–just don’t expect your usual brands or a selection of sizes, and while Japan can proudly boast the thinnest condoms in the world, many Westerners still prefer to use brands from back home.

▼ Of course, you could always bring your own “safety items”. We recommend also packing a net launcher, band aids and a fire extinguisher. Better safe than sorry, right?

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▼ Tubs for two!

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▼ And some hotels even have saucy outfits for sale

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We’ll leave you with AFP’s video report in full. Happy loving, boys and girls!

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Images: YouTube