I think the title of this post should be pretty self explanatory, but in the interest of full disclosure these girls aren’t, as far as we know, actually real military personnel, nor are they members of some kind of guerrilla insurgency. These photos come from a magazine dedicated to ‘survival game fashion’. But hey, the guns look real enough and the girls are hot, so who cares about technicalities?

Survival Games, also known as Airsoft in Japan, are a sport where participants fire plastic pellets at each other with Airsoft guns. It’s similar to paint-balling, but enthusiasts of the hobby take it to extremes, replicating real military tactics and gear. Think of it as a kind of live-action Call of Duty, but with less blood.

The hobby originated in Japan in the 1970s then spread around East Asia, and is now popular worldwide.

The guns used in the games are usually imitation firearms, and boy can they be realistic. They’re usually lighter than the real deal, but they can be weighted and come with smoke caps and amplifiers to produce as authentic an experience as possible.

Some of the girls packing heat below certainly look like they’d have no problem handling a real weapon. Check them out, along with some comments from awestruck Japanese Netizens.

First up is my favourite quote.

I want to smell the scent of military boots!


Do survival games hurt?

Don’t wear sneakers!



(We’re unsure if this is a statement about soldiers, or underwear…)


I wanna be chased round by these girls!ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ
Marry me


And of course since this is the internet, a few sexist comments popped up here and there. I’m pretty sure they’d change their tune when face-to-face with the lady below.

The SCAR-H is too big for a girl!
I wonder if they started because of their boyfriends..


So peaceful!


I’m taking up survival gaming.


Anyone thinking of taking up the hobby after seeing these?

Source: NikiSoku