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By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the very sexy and yet oh so cute Sailor Moon lingerie sold by Peach John in Japan. The bra and panty combo went on sale on February 19, but as you might expect, were quickly snatched up by fans of the series. But now thanks to these selfies taken by Twitter user, itsuki_akira, we can still imagine what it might have been like to turn into a sexy Sailor Scout (or witness your girlfriend turn into one). Enjoy!

Okay, just to refresh your memory, here’s what the Sailor Moon lingerie looks like sans female body parts:

And here’s what they look like…filled out:

▲ “Sailor Moon bra is here!”

▲ “The Sailor Moon bra back ribbon is cute”

▲ “Sailor Mercury bra is here!!”

▲ “Sailor Mars bra is here! It goes well with black hair, doesn’t it?”

▲ “Sailor Jupiter bra is here!!”

▲ “Sailor Venus bra is here!!”

So now that you’ve seen the Sailor Moon lingerie in the flesh, which one is your favorite? Cast your vote below!

Source: togech