Life is full of ups and downs, with nice surprises come disappointments. Were you disappointed by anything recently? A Chinese website, Kan Kan Xin Wen Wang, did an online survey to find out the “most disappointing feelings in the world“, and here are the top seven life events that made it into the rankings!

1st: Finding out that your ex got a new boyfriend/girlfriend sooner than you.

We may be wrong, but social networking sites such as Facebook probably contributed greatly to push this into the top position.

2nd: A good friend made a new friend, but didn’t tell you about it.

Seriously? We thought this only applied to kids up to elementary school.

3rd: When you tell someone a secret, but he/she already knew about it.

It’s especially disappointing when you were excited to tell the secret, thinking that it was first-hand information and nobody else knew about it, only to find out that you were in fact the last one to know.

4th: When you spend a lot of time and effort studying for a test, but still flunk it.

Been there, done that. But to be fair, it feels sensational when you didn’t prepare for a test but passed it with flying colors.

5th: When you were misunderstood, no one stood by you.

Does “I didn’t do it! Please, believe me! This is a misunderstanding!” sound familiar? This is definitely something that we often see in movies, and sometimes hear about in real life.

6th: After trying really hard to win someone’s heart, he/she still doesn’t like you.

Perhaps you’re just not fated to be together. Our heart goes out to you, but as the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

7th: You thought that your boobs would get bigger when you grew up.

This probably only applies to girls, but quite a number of young ladies must have voted for this for it to have made it into the rankings!

Disappointment comes in different forms and situations that occur at different points of our lives. Do you have your own unfortunate event to add to the list?

Source: ETToday
Image: Brain Leaders and Learners