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Gachapon machines–the toy-dispensing vending machines seen in great lines in Japanese electronics stores, department stores, and convenience stores–are always filled with the most amusing toys and figures you can imagine. From dogs wrapped in bread to constipated cats, it seems as if there’s no end to the creativity of gachapon producers.

Which makes the recent appearance of folding chairs–yes, plain, simple, tiny folding chairs!–in gachapon machines all the more bizarre. Equally puzzling is the fact that the folding chair gachas are incredibly popular! To understand why, check out the miniscule folding chairs and the ways people have combined them with other gacha figures below.

Now, when we say “folding chairs,” we want to be absolutely clear that we’re really actually talking about…well, folding chairs! Just like the pipe folding chairs you can find at any high school graduation, the gachapon toys fold up and…uhh…unfold. Yep, that’s it. Oh, you can also make your other figures sit on them! See how useful they are??

Here are just a few of the many photos and messages that have appeared on Twitter.

I’m so freaking curious about this.

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Japanese netizens aren’t just curious about these bizarre folding chair gacha–they seem legitimately excited about them! Just take a look a the tweet below.

They finally came out! Pipe folding chairs. I should repaint it and make it a CHAOS folding chair!

chair_t (3)

A reference image for the folding chair gacha.

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Here’s one collector’s take on the folding chair and the folding chair pushcart! Looks like this Twitter user has no trouble thinking of a way to use a chair.

I got one of the pipe folding chair gacha I heard about from a friend. Well, it’s a little small, but still within acceptable limits for me.

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Hmmm…we might be wrong, but we’re pretty sure that this isn’t how pushcarts are supposed to be used…

Also, there are folding chair push carts. Considering that these are also 200 yen [US$2.00] and pretty big, they seem like they could be used for just about anything.

chairs (36)

I got one. A pipe folding chair! LOLOL!

chairs (32)

I went out and got a Folding Pipe Chair gacha.

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Well, we have to say that we kind of disagree with this next guy. We think his figure is perfectly suitable for the folding chair!

Even though I got a folding chair gacha, I don’t really have any suitable figures at home.

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If you’re wondering what the proportions of the tiny chairs are, this next tweet will answer all your question!

I got a folding chair gacha, so I decided to try it out. They’re 1/12 the size of a real chair–the perfect size!

chairs (28)

They even have a function for moving the chairs around!

chairs (26)

Tiger still isn’t here yet…”  I got a folding chair gacha. It was a little bit small for Bunny to sit in it, but, well, I got him on it anyway. Apologies to the chair, but he’s gonna sit and wait!

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The Epoch Company folding chair gacha. This is so awesome.

chairs (21)

The folding chair gacha can actually be folded.

chairs (17)

I got a folding chair gacha that looks just like the real thing!!! Here’s how big it is. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone looking so proud sitting on a folding chair!!!

chairs (16)

Somehow this next picture manages to be both cute…and incredibly creepy!

chairs (15)

Here’s the folding chair gacha everyone is talking about!

chairs (13)

I got one of the folding chair gacha everyone is talking about, so I decided to have her sit on it!

chairs (11)

I got a frog light cellphone strap and a pipe folding chair gacha! They’re so cute!

chairs (8)

Forget the chair, is that an eggplant version of the Joker??

chairs (6)

Oh, Ms. Fuchiko, folding chairs are for sitting on!

chairs (4)

Here’s what it’s like when Kre-o sits on a folding chair!

chairs (2)

Hmmm…this next photo looks like something we’ve seen before, doesn’t it?

Cats working hard to prop up a folding chair!

chairs (1)

The pipe folding chairs are so cute, I got a second one, but it was blue too. They’re the perfect size for Mr. Kerorin and so cute!

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I got one of those folding chair gacha everyone is talking about. It’s not like a figure, but a proper folding chair…that you can fold! Epoch Company, who used to be one of the weakest gacha makers, has really done a great job with this! It’s an exceptional match for Ham-chan!

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I spotted some of the folding chair gacha that were on my Twitter timeline yesterday, so I got a few. They’re about this big. They’re the perfect size!

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I got some folding chair gacha. I put some crows on them.

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Today I went to Aeon [a department store] and got a folding chair gacha. It’s a little small, but it’s a fun prop!

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Folding pipe chairs! Sadly they’re just a little too small at 1/12 size…

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This has got to be the weirdest collection of figures we’ve ever seen. And the chairs are just making things even more bizarre!

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In addition to folding chairs, other miniature equipment gacha has also been made–like the flatcar/push cart below! Perfect for all of your tiny, tiny deliveries…


You can even put Hatsune Miku to work transporting cats! Though, to be honest, we have no idea why anyone would ever want to…

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Well, that sure was a lot of really, really small chairs! We never thought we’d see the day when miniature folding chairs would be called “cute” or end up a hot topic on Twitter…but we can totally understand why things worked out that way: Everything is cuter at 1/12 of its real size!

Sources/images: Naver Matome