Perhaps you remember Ladybeard from our previous post a couple of weeks ago introducing the cross-dressing bearded pro-wrestler, performer, heavy metal singer and party rocker. Well, it would seem that Ladybeard recently met up with another iconic cross-dresser in Japan, the “Sailor Suit Old Man”.

A hairy burly man and a balding old man in schoolgirl uniforms may sound like an absolute turn off, but they looked so happy, we couldn’t help but think they actually look somewhat cute. Here’s the most epic schoolgirl combi in history!

If you haven’t heard of the “Sailor Suit Old Man” before, this cheerful elderly bearded fellow, Hideaki Kobayashi, made his first public appearance in a sailor suit uniform in 2010 at an art and design event known as Design Festa. Kobayashi, who is a photographer and producer, had an exhibition booth at the event and upon hearing that Candy Milky (a famous cross-dresser in Japan) was coming to visit his booth, decided to put on a schoolgirl look to welcome his guest. His cross-dressing efforts paid off as he instantly became a sensation at the event.

▼ Hideaki Kobayashi (right) posing with Candy Milky (left).

Since then, Kobayashi began participating in the annual event in his schoolgirl outfit, and gradually got the hang of it. Now, he dresses up in his signature sailor suit uniform on most weekends when he heads out. His cheerful disposition and enthusiastic response whenever he’s asked for a photo have contributed to his fame, and it’s said that he gets photo-mobbed by the public wherever he goes. There’s even an urban legend that if you meet him on the streets, happiness is bound to come your way.

▼ The “Sailor Suit Old Man” in his summer uniform while traveling in France.


So, what do you think happens when the “Sailor Suit Old Man” meets Ladybeard? As unbelievable as this may sound, schoolgirls start squealing at how cute they look together. Here are the pictures taken of the irresistible “schoolgirl” duo when they strolled down the streets of Harajuku in Japan!







The happy vibes they give off definitely brighten up a chilly winter’s day! We have to admit, we definitely wouldn’t mind a snapshot with these vibrant personalities!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Reference: Netorabo
Images: Twitter (Ladybeard, Hideaki Kobayashi, Team Ladybeard, KUNI@sgs109)