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Gone are the days when remarkable people could live their whole lives without their talent being recognised. In the internet era, all you need is a camera to show the world exactly what it is that makes you unique. These nine hilarious bunny face GIFs have made one Chinese girl into a viral sensation.

The loopy animations show the girl making different bunny facial expressions including “cheerful rabbit”, “startled rabbit”, and “perverted rabbit”. Since being uploaded to Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, the animations have hopped and jumped their way around the world, taking the animal GIF to a new level!

The images have been reshared over 150,000 times so far, upvoted over 38,000 times, and have over 23,000 comments spanning nearly 1,200 pages, according to news site chinaSMACK.

▼ First up, it’s “happy rabbit”!


▼ Next, “sad rabbit”. Today’s carrots just weren’t up to scratch.


▼ “Looking-around rabbit”


▼ “Perverted rabbit”. Things are starting to get a little weird…


▼ “Cheerful rabbit”!

lively cheerful rabbit

▼”Uncertain rabbit”

uncertain unconvinced rabbit

▼ Nope, things got weird again. This is “asking-to-get-beaten-up rabbit”, apparently.


▼ “Angry rabbit”


▼ “Scared/startled rabbit”, who looks like she was just sent a particularly nasty email.


So what are you waiting for? If you can turn gurning into cute animal impressions like this funny bunny did, you too can be famous one day! Go and stand in front of the mirror and get practicing!

Source: Daily Mail