Self Defense Force Calendar Girls

Images of the 2014 Japan Self-Defense Forces calendar depicting beautiful women in uniform have been popping up on portal sites around Japan. The calendars were created to raise awareness of the JSDF and to “lift morale.” However, with this year’s choice to use, not actual members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, but bikini model Azusa Yamamoto, among others, we have a feeling this calendar will be lifting a lot more than morale.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the calendar pages:

▼ Japanese idol, Anna KonnoSelf Defense Force Calendar Girls3

▼ Bikini model and actor, Azusa Yamamoto.Self Defense Force Calendar Girls4

▼ Actor Narumi KonnoSelf Defense Force Calendar Girls5

▼ Actor Erina MatsuiSelf Defense Force Calendar Girls6

▼ Voice actor Mai FuchigamiSelf Defense Force Calendar Girls7

▼ Actor Mai HakaseSelf Defense Force Calendar Girls8

▼ Idol Rina NagaiSelf Defense Force Calendar Girls9

▼ Another shot of Rina Nagai.Self Defense Force Calendar Girls10

Applications for the Self-Defense Forces increased by 20 percent with the addition of three moe mascots on their recruitment posters. We wonder how many young men and women this models-turned-military calendar will inspire.

Source: My Game News Flash
Images: Sina